Friday, April 29, 2011

A x R x M M X I

Samples from a few upcoming Abject Renaissance releases.

Vulgatus/ Vulgatus
Vulgatus unleashes a cyclone of nihilistic war grind. Less black metal than "Martyr Worship" (2009) Vulgatus crushes in violent bursts of chaotic sludge. ASSASSINATE!!!

Dakota Hogback/ (Not-Yet-Titled)
A new sonic direction and recording approach on this one. The first DH material not recorded on 4-track cassette means cleaner production for this cold industrial funk. Physical release to be limited and elaborate. Lots of original artwork. Details in the next few months (as well as a fucking title!)

Sweat Box/ In Too Deep
Minimalist club sleaze and relentless rhythm slavery. Soaking wet in the hypnotic designer drug atmosphere of a tacky russian strip joint. This full-length is a balls-out rave so don't drown yourself drinking too much water.

Obelisk Ruin/ Invocation of the Shemhamforasch
Ritual drones for the invocation of the 72 spirits of the Shemhamforasch. Invocation... will be released track by track via the internet over the last 72 days of 2011. Introspective drones for self-preservation and realization before the end of days.

cassette and cdr releases by Askela, Hailfellow, The Holy Ghost Power Display (How I Quit Crack + Dakota Hogback), Shi No Shasei, and more.

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Blood Of The Inhuman Oligarchy Part 1 - 12 by Vulgatus by AbjectRenaissance